5 YouTube Channels to Supplement Homeschooling

There are so many online resources to supplement homeschooling.  I LOVE using YouTube.  There are so many channels we can benefit from.  I love that I can find videos for my children that are interesting to them, they are free, and we don’t have to drive to a whole bunch of places to take the classes outside of our home.  Here are five of our favorite YouTube channels.

5 YouTube Channels to Supplement Homeschooling My kids LOVE watching these channels! They are having fun learning and I don't feel guilty that they are on electronics!

1. Draw with Jazza

This guy is an amazing artist and has great tutorials.  We love learning from him.

2. King of Random

This is a great science channel.  He shows you how to make things, how things are made, and he does the dangerous stuff so you can watch and see what happens without doing it yourself.  

3. Yuri Ostr

Do your kids like building things out of recyclables?  Watch this channel!  The things he makes out of cardboard, plastic bottles, electronics, and more are amazing!

4. Primitive Technology

This guy makes huts, stoves, weapons, tools, and much more out in the wilderness with what is in nature.  It’s so cool to watch him use primitive technology in a time full of electronics, extra curricular activities, work responsibilities, housework, etc.  I have one son that would love to live in the wilderness and do this.  One day.  

5. Smarter Every Day

This man explores the world using science.  There is so much to learn in the world and this channel is a great resource for this.


What is your favorite YouTube channel for learning?



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