Easy DIY Hot Pad Tutorial

For Christmas, I like to make handmade gifts.  They are more personal and have more meaning since I put time and effort into them.  So for Christmas last month, I made hot pads.  In this easy DIY hot pad tutorial, you will produce a cute, high quality, personalized product.  

Easy DIY Hot Pad Tutorial These are so simple to make and I LOVE the cute embroidered image I can add in the middle. Such a CUTE idea!

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Everyone uses hot pads to put hot things on their table, right?  So I knew they would get used.  I wanted to personalize each one.  When I picked out fabric, I used their favorite color, or kitchen color scheme, or something I knew they liked.  I also added more personalization to some of them by machine embroidering a design in the middle.  This one has an iris for my mom who owns an Iris Farm.

Easy DIY hot pad tutorial

Here is a tutorial if you’d like to make some for yourself or as a gift.  You will be making two 10″ hot pads.

Supplies Needed for two 10” hotpads

½ yard cotton fabric

⅓ yard Insul Bright thermal material (heat resistant batting)

Double Fold Bias Tape

Matching and coordinating thread



Pins, Safety Pins, or Wonder Clips

Picture of pattern you want to embroider

Tissue paper

Fray Check


Step 1. Wash your fabric to pre-shrink it. Iron your fabric.

Step 2. Print out your pattern.  Make sure you don’t click “scale to fit media”.  And make sure the 1″ square measures correctly after you print it.  Cut 4 pieces of your cotton fabric on the fold for two hot pads.  Cut 2 pieces of your Insul Bright with the same pattern.

Step 3. Find a picture or design you would like to sew onto your hot pad.  For mine, I found a deer silhouette, iris silhouette, pug drawing, yarn and crochet clip art, and rose silhouette.  The options are limitless.  Print your image to a 5×7 size so it will fit nicely in the middle of your hot pad.  Tape it to a window or use a light table.

Easy DIY hot pad tutorial

Step 4. Place the tissue paper on top of your image.  Trace your image onto tissue paper.  Trim any excess tissue paper so it’s not in your way while sewing.  

Easy DIY hot pad tutorial

Easy DIY hot pad tutorial

Step 5. Now your going to make a sandwich with your fabric and Insul Bright.  Place one piece of fabric wrong side facing up.  Put the Insul Bright on top of that.  Then place the last fabric square on top of the Insul Bright, right side facing up.  

Easy DIY hot pad tutorial

Step 6. Place the tissue paper on top with the image centered on the hot pad and pin everything together in multiple places on the hot pad.  This helps keep everything from moving while you sew.  

Easy DIY hot pad tutorial

Step 7.  Choose a coordinating thread that will stand out so you can see your image after you’ve sewn.  Sew along the lines of your image.  Back stitch at the beginning and end of every line that you sew to prevent it from coming undone.  You don’t have to do anything different with your machine to sew your image.  I put my presser foot down and sewed slowly.  When I had a curve I could turn it and follow the line.  Pivot when you come to a corner or a curve that is too sharp.  Pivot means to put your needle down into your project, lift your presser foot, and turn your project so the line or direction you want to sew is in the middle of your presser foot.  Put your presser foot back down, and start sewing again.  Here is a video if you need to see it in action. 

Easy DIY Hot pad tutorial


Easy DIY Hot pad tutorial

If you don’t want to sew an image on your hotpad, just do some quilting designs.  I made some with 1” squares, 2.5” squares, wavy lines, and straight lines.  There are lots of options out there, so just find one that you like.

Easy DIY Hot pad tutorial


Easy DIY Hot pad tutorial

Step 8. After you’ve sewn your whole design, tear off your tissue paper.  Sewing on the tissue made perforated lines, so it is very easy to tear it off.  I even used a blunt needle to get right next to the stitches to tear it up.  Don’t use paper, I had used paper for my first couple images and that was much harder to tear off afterwards.  It took me a lot of time being careful not to pull out any stitches.  But with the tissue paper, its much thinner so I didn’t have any problems.  (After you rip off your tissue paper you might want to use fray check on all the ends of your stitches. I did not do this cause I didn’t have it.)

Easy DIY Hot pad tutorial

Step 9. Trim the edges of your hot pad so the fabric and batting are even.  Next, we are going to sew on the binding. I used double fold bias tape.  I found a great video tutorial on how to do that here.

Step 10. Repeat on your next hot pad, and your finished! Don’t they look so cute! This was an easy way to personalize my gifts for my family and friends and they loved them!

Did you like this tutorial?  Let me know in the comments below!



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