Oobleck Science Fun

Do your kids love to get messy?  Mine do.  And I think it’s healthy for them to get messy every now and then.  It’s a creative outlet for them and sometimes I forget that.  I haven’t done very many messy activities in the last few years.  When I do, we have lots of fun and learn in the process.  Oobleck is so fun, easy, and cheap.  Everyone should play with it.   

Oobleck Science Fun Such a fun and easy science experiment. My kids love playing with this.

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A couple weeks ago, my oldest son wanted to play with Oobleck.  I was having a frustrating day, so I just stopped trying to get things done, and we made some Oobleck together as a family.  

All you need is a pan, water, cornstarch, and water colors.  These water colors are very vibrant with just a few drops.  (We use these in the bathtub too to make bath time more fun!)  This is the easiest science experiment.  You don’t even have to measure if you don’t want.  We’ve stopped measuring the water and cornstarch at this point.  It’s a fun learning process anyways.

We put some cornstarch and water in the pan and mix it up.  

If it’s too watery, we add cornstarch.  If it’s too dry and thick, we add water.  Add food coloring at any time if you like.  If you prefer to measure out the water and cornstarch, use 1 ½ – 2 cups cornstarch and 1 cup of water.  

Why is Oobleck so fun?  It’s a liquid AND a solid!  How cool is that?  It’s actually quite mesmerizing to pick it up one second and have it running through your fingers the next.  We all love playing with it, even me!  

They did get a little out of hand with the mess this time.  Which is why I prefer this to be an outside activity.  But it’s winter and we live in Oregon, so we didn’t have that option.  

Clean up wasn’t too bad though.  I sent them upstairs to the bathtub to clean up while I cleaned up  downstairs.  I used the dust pan from my broom to scrape up the cornstarch off the floor and then swept it.  I used a little Pampered Chef scraper tool I have in my kitchen to scrape it off the table top.  The kids were done bathing by then and they used wet wash cloths to wipe everything down.  It probably took a total of 10 minutes to clean up.  

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What other messy art experiments do your kids like?


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